Sudoku Guru

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نمط الحياة ألعاب المجلس الأسرة
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Wanna be a Sudoku Guru? Just challenge the most powerful Sudoku Guru game on iPhone and iPod Touch now!

- ~60,000 sudoku puzzles with unique solution
- 5 difficulty levels from Apprentice to Guru
- Relax your mind with oriental style interface and pure natural sound
- Options on marking candidates mannually or automatically
- Advanced Hint System may present you the following strategies visually, which will be your best teacher on your way to be a sudoku guru
o Naked Single
o Hidden Single
o Naked Pair
o Hidden Pair
o Naked Triple
o Hidden Triple
o Locked Candidates
o XWing
o Swordfish
o XYWing
o XYZWing
- Unlimited Undo/Redo function
- Custom your own game from newspaper or other media
- Save the game automatically on pressing the home button or a incoming call
- Sudoku Solver integrated
- Optimization to save your battery life